Barack Obama Trains To Be a Shaolin Kung Fu Master!

By Al Case

Okay, he hasn't become one yet, but he should! Look, the mess our country is in, all of our elected officials, and even the unelected ones, should take lessons in the martial arts. And it is this writer's recommendation that Barack Obama become a Master of the Shaolin Butterfly so he can adequately defend himself against people like Rush Limbaugh!

When I was undergoing the hazards of fatherhood, I learned a neat trick. When my sons wanted to borrow money, go to the movies, and that sort of thing, I made them freestyle me. If they won, they went, if I won, they did the yardwork! Though they were the younger generation, I had decades of martial arts, and in this sneaky way I reigned supreme as a father should!

Compare raising stubborn headed, know best children to telling stubborn headed, know best politicians what to do, and you will see the logic of my method. Simply, when that politician wants to give himself a raise, tell him he must freestyle you first. When he gets caught with that slinky babe speeding in a sportscar, make him freestyle you.

Politicians won't want to do this, of course, but they must be brought to consequence. I mean, the alternative would be holding a revolution, and we don't want that! So my idea is a wonderful gimmick that works.

Now, as to Barack Obama, I believe he should undergo a study of the Shaolin Butterfly. Number one, no offense to our top dog, but he's a skinny dude. When some elephant like Rush Limbaugh takes him to task, Barack will have a means to defend himself.

The Shaolin Butterfly specializes in quick sidesteps, it uses the Matrixing Technology of the Martial Arts to get out of the way. Then, rolling the hands like a buzzsaw, Obama could slide in with a blistering series of dim mak death strikes. Man, Rush wouldn't stand a chance!

Of course, if Rush was smart, he could learn Butterfly Kung Fu and then he would know what Barak has in store for him. Then he would stand a chance, and the battle for health care, or immigration, or whatever, would become a fair battle. Let me tell you, what I am advocating here is brilliant, for a punch in the face is harder to lie about than the economy!

Okey doke, I think we've covered everything. Stop voting, and start studying the Martial Arts, if not the butterfly, then Tae Kwon Do or Tai Chi, or just good old fashioned Karate! Know this, if Barack Obama was a real Master of Shaolin Kung Fu...this country would be in a lot better shape! - 32610

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The Three Distractions that Stop One from Reaching the True Martial Art.

By Al Case

There is one thing, and one thing only, that stops a martial artist from achieving his goal in the martial arts. That one thing is termed simple and merely...distraction. To the degree that one is not distracted, to that degree he is successful, and to that degree he achieves the True Art.

When one learns the martial arts one learns these strange patterns called forms. On the surface, the form is nothing but an encyclopedia of technique, of having a curriculum which will teach him higher and higher ranges of art, and lead him to deeper and deeper depths. It is under the surface, however, through the refusal of distractions that one must seek the True Martial Art.

When one can refuse to have his attention wander in the middle of form one is cultivating his discipline. When one focuses only on the moves within the form, and does not allow himself to be sidetracked, then he is building concentration. The end result of these endeavors is to be able to keep awareness in the universe of the form, and not in the universe of trees and bushes and rocks and twigs and such.

The pieces of the form, the techniques, are the middle ground of refusing distraction. This area, applying technique to a willing opponent, bridges the perfection of the thought into the perfection of idea even in chaos. When one holds to the physics, holds to his concentration, holds to the truth of his fellow man even in combat, then one is approaching a distraction free existence.

It is in the fact of kumite, however, that one must find his ultimate refusal of the distractions of the real universe. One must devote all his focus on the opponent, refuse the gas and tinklings of a random world, and build the truth of his own awareness. When one lives as if in a tunnel with his opponent, and can hold to the construction of that tunnel no matter the situation, then one has found and is living the True Martial Art.

These three arenas, kata, technique and kumite, are the true gladiatorial property of the True Art. To the extent that one refuses to be distracted, that one becomes pure in the focus of awareness, to this extent one enters the True Martial Art. The real key, to all this, however, lies in the achievement of one singular and important fact.

The universe goes backward. It is not the debris of the universe that offer distraction, it is the knowledge that one must not go towards a distraction free existence with effort, but, rather, but relax so that no distractions can find purchase in the soul. It is the emptiness of the universe, perceived by the individual free of internal strife, that makes up the Path of the True Art. - 32610

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The Secret of Using Matrix Martial Arts to Read Minds!

By Al Case

There are times in life when it seems as if you have read someones mind. Maybe you just blurt out the same sentence at the same time, or have the same thought on a place to eat. Sometimes, however, it is as if you have looked into somebodys actual thought process and know what they are thinking.

The martial arts build this ability, and a good martial art does it in a quite speedy fashion. Indeed, if you aren't effectively looking into minds after a couple of years, there is probably something wrong with the martial art you are studying. If this is so, you should look into applying some principles from Matrix Martial Arts and tweaking your art so it enables you to read minds.

The first time you realize that you can look into somebody elses mind is usually during freestyle. You intuitively know what technique your opponent is considering using, and, as time goes on, you begin fitting intuitive responses to whatever he does. Many people think this is because of the freestyle, but it is really because of the forms that you have been perfecting in your martial arts.

Yes, freestyle provides the situation where you can realize your abilities, but forms provides the energy and context for developing those abilities. Without forms, you won't be able to read minds in the martial arts, except on the lowest level. Give up doing your forms, and you are left with fighting, and fighting does not lead to reading minds.

When doing a form one learns how to control their body so that it can do things that one couldn't make it do before. Then, one learns that it is the control of the mind that is really enabling him to make his body do things. Lastly, one starts to understand that before there can be motion in this universe, there must be a thought.

The universe is nothing but a space filled with objects that float around. Being able to read minds, you see, is being able to predict the path of objects. Predicting the path of objects just means that you start looking further out in space to see them coming.

What the matrixing method does, as it is realized in Matrix Martial Arts, is organize the data so that one can see beyond the confusion. Matrixing analyzes and handles force and direction, and thus, one can perceive and handle more space, and more force and direction. Once one can do this through the practice of the martial arts, one can begin doing it to all the activities of his or her life.

Want to get a better deal when you trade in your vehicle, or finally meet the girl of your dreams? You can do so if you use matrixing to analyze and handle the forces and directions involved in that activity. And whether you study a form of kung fu, be it shaolin or Wudan or whatever, or whether you study Karate, such as kenpo or Goju Ryu or whatever, you can use Matrix Martial Arts to align it, and to align life itself. - 32610

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It Is Time For You To Start A Tai Chi Routine

By Spencer Yurtt

Are you looking for a means to reduce the stress of daily life? If therefore, then it's about time that you begin Tai chi. This ancient art used light flowing movements which will improve general health and cut back tension and stress by connecting the mind and body. Thus if you're worked up along with your daily routine of labor or studies, then learning how to do this program can be a terribly healthy habit.

Before You Start Before you begin this healthy habit, it'd prove helpful to perceive its dynamics first. This sleek type of exercise originated as a form of a self-defense art. Today, though, it's primarily used for stress reductions and health improvement. It is mainly centered on light stretching and swish movements of the body. It practically allows you to create swish movements or light positions which will tone not simply the body however also the mind. Therefore, there are far more than a hundred doable movements which will be tired Tai chi. You are doing not have to learn all of them. The important thing is to be told some and coordinate every one along with your respiration to attain tension release, physical relaxation and inner calm. You need to concentrate when doing Tai chi. You are doing this by putting aside present issues or distressing thoughts. This method, this manner of swish exercise is not just for the physical self however conjointly for the mind and spirit.

Who Can Strive Tai Chi Practically anyone can do Tai chi. You do not have to satisfy specific physical standards as this way of exercise can be very mild and the intensity can somewhat be adjusted. The quick-paced movements will be reserved for people who are already physically fit. If you do not work this description then you can start with the terribly slow and gentle movements that are appropriate for everybody regardless of age. Another advantage to this type of exercise is the actual fact that it will not need you to use any reasonably equipment. You simply need to be in snug clothes thus you'll be able to easily do the movements and postures while not restrictions. It will also be done indoors or outdoors, by yourself or as half of a group. Old folks, those with special health conditions and pregnant ladies must 1st consult their doctors before beginning a brand new tai chi program.

What You Will Get Out of the Program There are many advantages to a tai chi program. Primarily, it brings your body and mind in sync with each other therefore relieving you from stress. Since you specialise in movement and calming respiration, a session will also provide you relaxation and tension release. The most effective issue about it's that you do not solely feel the effects during or immediately after a session.

You can feel relaxed and relieved of tension long after you have done your routine. Alternative than stress and tension reduction, tai chi can also supplement your other health practices. It can facilitate cut back tension, depression and anxiety, improves flexibility, balance and muscular strength, improves the quality of sleep, lowers blood pressure furthermore improve one's overall cardiovascular condition, will increase the degree of endurance, energy and suppleness and improves someone's general feeling of well-being. - 32610

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The Tai Chi Chuan Instructor that Never had a Lesson in Tai Chi!

By Al Case

This is going to be, for some, an upsetting article on tai chi chuan. I've never taken instruction in the art of Tai Chi Chuan, you see, but my tai chi is the best. I don't mean to be self serving, but let us see if you can find fault with me after you have read how I came up with my tai chi.

I began learning tai chi out of a book, Modified Tai Chi for Health by Lee Ying Arng, back in 1976. Every night I spent hours going over the form, trying to figure out how to apply it, trying to figure out the meaning. And, to behonest, it didn't mean much.

So I went through books by Chen Man Ching, and I read Chen and Yang and Wu and Sun, but they all spoke this gobbledegook that didn't make sense. So I began doing my Karate, I had near ten years experience in Kang Duk Won karate, and the thing started to resolve. I was using good, old karate power to juice up the form, and it worked, and then I was able to make what was happening into Tai Chi power.

More important, I was neglecting all the mysticism and bushwah philosophy in the books and using physics. The martial arts, you see, as taught through the oriental method, are taught through the memorization of random strings of data. In physics you look for a reason, and a logic, and that will lead you to a concept.

Now, ancient stories claim tai chi was created in a dream by san feng after he watched a fight between a crane and a snake. Or, it was created by an old, retired general in a village who wanted to make up games for the children. Neither of these concepts can be proven, but we can't just discount them out of hand.

Maybe the general in Chen village couldn't do the martial arts the way they should be done, and maybe he actually came up with something unique. And the vision of the snake and the crane, though I am a true believer in physics I would not speak ill of visions, for visions are the dreams and inspiration of the human race. Still, whether rehabilitation of the broken warrior, or the stuff of dreams, tai chi does not make sense without the application of physics.

So this is what I want you to do, I want you to get a book on physics. Make it a simple kids book, simple pictures for illustrations, that sort of thing. It would really help if it was aimed at describing a motor.

Now, go over that book, and make lists of the terms are the same as in tai chi chuan. Rooting is grounding, what are these things called leads, where is the generator, and so on. Do that, and when the deep innards of your tai chi chuan start to reposition, do not come complaining to me. - 32610

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Learning The Techniques and Training Of Tai Chi

By Walter McKibbin

Tai Chi is a practice that is derived from the concept of Yin and Yang. Over the years, it continues to uphold and managed to sustain the amenable and dynamic principles of learning way back in the olden times.

As a practice, Tai Chi's core training features 2 forms: first, the solo form, which stresses slow sequence of movements while keeping the spine straight and firm, maintaining the range of motion and constant breathing. The Push Hands being the second core of Tai Chi training involves training of the principles of movement in a manner that is more practical and convenient.

As the word implies, the solo form of Tai Chi, requires only the one person to conquer the movements. It would take the students through a natural and complete range of motion over gravity's center. If repeated accurately, the practice of the solo form can retain posture, maintain honest flexibility going through the joints and muscles, encourage proper circulation from any point of the student's body, and let students be more familiarized with some of the important martial art application sequences that are usually implied by the different forms.

Major styles of traditional Tai Chi have forms that somewhat differ from the others in its presentation. Some differ in the wave of the hands, in the position of the legs, the reaction of the body and the pace of the movement. But these things don't matter at all because what is important to Tai Chi practice is that it benefits not just your body but your mind as well. And besides, there are still many similarities coming from the point of their common origin that are obvious enough to recognize, anyway.

Solo forms, weapons and empty-hands are the basics in learning just about any form of martial arts application. This is in preparation for students for their self-defense training.

The philosophy goes: if one becomes stiff and equally uses hardness in attending to violence, otherwise resisting it, then it is expected that both sides can be injured at a certain degree. An injury like that is a Tai Chi theory that coincides with the consequence of fighting brute with brute, which, in Tai Chi is far beyond the right attitude and style.

Unlike in other martial arts where force is encourage to be applied to some extent, in Tai Chi, students are taught to face battle with delicate movements and gentleness, following every attacking motion and in the end, tiring their opponent. This is even done while remaining at a close contact. This is the principle wherein the yin and yang is applied - the main goal of training Tai Chi.

Aside from that, Tai Chi schools also focus their attention on how the energy of a striking person affects his opponent. For example, the palm can strike physically looking the same and performing the same but has a different and dramatic effect on the target.

Through your palm, you can strike and push the person either forward or backward, By doing so, lifting you opponent vertically off the ground and destroying their center of gravity.

After which, this technique can literary terminate the striking force within the body of the person with the dearest intention of causing traumatic internal damage. - 32610

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How Tai Chi Can Improve Your Health

By Walter McKibbin

Tai Chi is believed to have beneficial effects on health. It can increase energy flow which results to an increase in strength and harmony in your body system. In fact, practitioners of Tai Chi have testified about how the meditative and calming aspect of Tai Chi have helped them eliminate stress brought about by their daily workloads.

When use as an exercise regimen, Tai Chi can increase the strength of muscles and enhance the flexibility and balance of a person. Conforming to the concept of Yin and Yang, Tai Chi as an exercise will enable you to bring out the forces in you in a harmonious and balance form.

Moreover, Tai Chi does not only bring calmness and serenity to the mind and the spirit as it also serves as an aid from certain illnesses. However, Tai Chi should not be confused as a cure for certain illnesses but it can be complemented as a form of therapy with the following benefits:

Maintain coordination and balance

One of the major causes of disability and death among the elderly is loss of coordination which results to accidents like falling. By practicing Tai Chi, balance and coordination are areas of concentration especially for elderly students of this art. If this is successfully achieved, it will spare them from falling or worst death.


Tai Chi can be used to increase the range of motion without even causing a twinge of pain to the arthritic joint plus improving the flexibility of the bones and strengthening the surrounding muscles. It is not to be addressed that Tai Chi can cure the disease itself but it only lessens its severity and the contributing pain by working on those joints as early as possible.


Problems regarding the circulatory process of the heart can be remedied by involving oneself in Tai Chi. By practicing Tai Chi, it can enable the heart to pump enough blood throughout the body and thereby improving the system's circulation.

Prevention from Multiple Sclerosis

Further studies about Tai Chi have known its great potential in enhancing both the mental and physical well-being of a person. Mental diseases like multiple sclerosis can be prevented by incorporating the practice of Tai Chi in ones daily life.


As it is scientifically proven, stress is one of the major causes of numerous diseases and disorders that is why there have been ways used to lessen or if possible, to eliminate stress. Tai Chi, as such, proved it efficacy with its meditation function. Tai Chi can reduce the production of toxins and hormones that contributes stress.

So, if you want to learn Tai Chi and be benefitted by it, look for someone who has been practicing and mastering Tai Chi to train you through.

There are no age limits when it comes to practicing Tai Chi. Everyone is welcome to join. Although, if you are really old and can no longer take such vigorous activities, better consult your physician on what is best before engaging in Tai Chi.

Make sure to inform your instructor of any health problems you have. Make your instructor know, so that he or she can make certain measures to provide you with the ability to do such required movements. Doing Tai Chi must not make you feel any pain and if you do feel any pain, tell your instructor at instant. - 32610

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